Managing expectations is often the most difficult problem you will face as a Board, and at ProCAM of Maryland we want to make every effort help you establish the most viable model for productive stewardship.  We keep the Board central to the operation of the Association by requiring you to designate a Board liaison, or individual liaison for each service component, with whom we can maintain regular and continuing contact, and through whom we can facilitate the coordinated implementation of your policies.  In doing so we can effectively unite the operational authority of the Association in a strong, effective Board; avoid multiple directives, misinformation, and conflicts of interest; and assure that the Board gets the assistance it needs to successfully fulfill its fiduciary obligations.

ProCAM of Maryland will provide professionally trained, experienced personnel. In full service situations, site supervision, staff training when needed, and contract performance monitoring will be handled by a senior level Community Manager familiar with facilities operations, maintenance techniques and industry accepted standards of contract bidding and performance. Choice of personnel will be based on the working style of the Board and the needs of the Association.

Other employees of ProCAM of Maryland will, from time to time, be needed for coverage of emergency call monitoring, administrative support, or special project staffing.  All of our community managers are experienced professionals trained to ensure that your Board has reliable and readily available access to a whole host of professional talents, as, and when needed.

Site Visits:  Scheduled and unscheduled site inspections will be performed to review general property conditions, conduct training, supervise and provide feedback to contract vendors and systems maintenance personnel, and review special projects designated by the Board.   Emergency visits will be made on an as-needed basis to assure that unforeseen problems are corrected appropriately and physical facility emergencies are dealt with quickly. The quantity and timing of inspections will vary depending on the necessity for achieving the established goals of the Board and community and on the nature of the visit.

Meeting Attendance: ProCAM of Maryland will meet with the Board at least once for the annual strategic review, the budget preparation meeting, as well as the business portion of the annual membership meeting.  ProCAM of Maryland will also attend all regularly scheduled Board meetings, work sessions, and any special meetings called for major policy or project decision making.

Reports: In addition to the monthly financial reports, covered above ProCAM of Maryland will provide monthly written reports on member generated issues, completed and pending action items, recommendations on the effectiveness and efficiency of service providers, and to apprise the Board of upcoming needs and issues.