One of the most difficult tasks facing any Board is to establish an efficient operating regimen that treats all members of the Association in a fair and equitable manner, avoids conflicts of interest, and protects the time of its volunteer members.  ProCAM’s role as the Board’s management partner will be to provide the supervisory, advisory, leadership training and communication services needed to establish and implement the systems of this regimen.  These systems will be designed to provide optimal collaboration between the Board and managing agent, insure knowledgeable leadership, and maintain a high level of responsive contact with the membership.


Pursuant to the approved annual operating budget, written Association policies and clearly articulated Board directives ProCAM of Maryland will:

Assist in identifying, negotiating and engaging service contractors, as needed, for cleaning, landscaping, snow removal, trash removal, pest control, or other recurring services needed to properly maintain the common property of the Association.

Assist in identifying, negotiating and engaging maintenance providers for all capital assets, including concrete and paving systems, storm water systems, fencing, landscaping, and recreational equipment appropriate to the age, budget, condition, and size of your facilities.

Assist in identifying, negotiating and engaging contractors for special projects involving rehabilitation or enhancement projects involving common elements.

Assist in identifying, reviewing proposals and engaging consultants, engineering services, or other professional services providers to assess the need for or write the specifications for major system repair or replacement projects.

Assist Board in interacting with, supervising or overseeing vendors, contractors, and service providers.

Assist Board in discerning the need for on-site or contract service personnel, provide information on search potential, assist in developing job descriptions and performance standards, and advise on compensation and benefits package.

Assist Board in the search for, selection of, and the employment of any new or replacement on-site personnel as needed for the safe, efficient, and effective operation of the common elements of the Association.

Provide supervision, training, and criteria based performance evaluations for all on-site employees and independent contractor personnel.

Advise Board on service provider’s receptiveness, responsiveness and level of accomplishment to feedback, instruction, clarification or alteration of job duties.


Advise Board on keeping current all requisite forms of insurance coverage, as detailed in the By-laws, or as might additionally be needed for the adequate protection of the Association, the Board of Directors, the managing agent, and mortgagees of the individual units, as required.  Arrange, bi-annually, for a professional audit of Association insurance policies, coverage, and pricing.

Provide information obtained from professional management organizations on new maintenance methodologies, improved security and safety systems, and other beneficial tech­nologies to increase the effectiveness of Board’s operational oversight functions.

Advise Board on improvements in governance, accountancy or communication, including more efficient or cost‑effective service delivery options.

Establish and maintain referral lists of workmen, sup­pliers and contrac­tors, familiar with Association property and policies.

Meet with the Board Designee to review premises inspection reports, discuss the Board objectives, and establish a priority action list, at the prescribed interval option.

Advise Board on establishing and updating Rules and Regulations, Architectural Controls, and Covenants Policy and Procedures.

Assist Board in administration and enforcement of Rules and Covenants; establish a consistent system to identify violations; process and maintain records of violations; disseminate contractor information to assist residents in resolving violations; and report on the disposition of infractions.


Provide introductory or refresher training seminar and material on the essential principals of Association management, for elected Board members, potential Board members, or Board designees.

Review procedures and suggest modifications in director nomination and election processes, as needed, to encourage member participation, insure leadership continuity, and eliminate Board overload or stagnation.    

Assist Board in establishing and evaluating director “job” responsibilities, committee formation and task assignment procedures, “leadership ladder” procedures.

Facilitate in depth discussions, as needed, on basic meeting skills, integration of committee report, agenda writing, appropriate formatting and use of minutes, review and explanation of standard accounting reports, budget building, fiscal management, investment analysis, and leadership continuity and change.