It is clear that in order to meet the changing needs of an Association, effective management requires regular, annual assessment of the community’s physical plant, the governing policies used to insure progress, and an evaluation of the Board’s preparation for future Association needs.

ProCAM of Maryland will annually facilitate a comprehensive strategic review of the physical plant prior to the budget meeting to help the Board focus on issues of preventive maintenance and potential enhancements to systems, services and materials. The review will be the basis for the management plan and calendar for the upcoming fiscal year.

Prepare the annual operating budget for the Association based on the strategic review, prudent asset management guidelines, integration of the Reserve Analyst’s recommendations and generally accepted accounting principals.

ProCAM of Maryland will also facilitate an annual Policy Governance and Communication review to help the Board focus its time in the most needed areas of activity and measure the impact of the Board actions on the value they bring to the Association. By re-validating policy and procedures, the Board can effectively fine-tune its programs to assure that everyone’s efforts are creating the desired results.

Finally, ProCAM of Maryland will conduct a Managerial Reassessment with the Board to assess the Board’s leadership needs, the manager’s stylistic fit, and the Association’s service needs for the upcoming year.  It is essential that we recognize the various life phases of the Association, and make sure that the managerial services and costs fit the ever-changing needs of the Association.