About Us

Company Overview

ProCAM of Maryland is the culmination of over 75 years of professional management service to community associations. ProCAM of Maryland will use its breadth of experience and depth of talent to serve the needs of homeowner communities throughout the region, where on-site or near-site service delivery most appropriately addresses the uniquely individual requirements of Boards seeking to add value to their community association and reinforce their own volunteer efforts.

The ProCAM Management Plan


The ProCAM of Maryland management philosophy is based on the understanding that the Board’s responsibility to preserve, protect, and enhance the value of each owner’s investment flows from the Association’s governing documents. Our function is to support the Board in its work by helping to establish a governance program designed to assess the needs of the members, implement policies to meet those needs, and then evaluate the success of the policies. This process begins with a thorough review of the physical and financial requirements of the Association. From this review we develop a fiscally sound, prudently proactive management plan tailored to achieve the goals set by the Board for meeting the community’s needs. As objectives are met, we continually adjust our management services to meet the ever-changing needs of the Association.


For all of the services we provide, ProCAM of Maryland works under the premise that the Board has, and must always retain, full authority over the operations of your Association. Although the governing documents under which the Association was created give you the power to delegate some of the operational authority of the Board to a managing agent, we believe that you can never delegate the responsibility of stewardship inherent in your election to the Board. Accordingly, we view the role of the Managing Agent as the Board’s partner in managing your community rather than an independent authority or surrogate. The Board is always “in charge”, and it is our duty to equip you with the tools and services you need to be successful.


In order to provide a useful framework for listing our services, we have organized our proposal under what experience has shown to be the most essential components of successful Association stewardship:

  • Community Specific Planning
  • Sound Financial Oversight
  • Effective Operational Governance
  • Meaningful Communication